Friday, February 12, 2016

It may not seem like it, with it being FEBRUARY and all, but bluebonnet season is coming! Those gorgeous fields of blue will be here before you know it, and I will be ready. Some of my favorites shots in the bluebonnets came two years ago. (No 2015 pics to show you as I skipped them last year to spend some time with my new baby.)

And that's not all...I will also be offering Mommy & Me sessions this year, too. :) So mamas, love on your babies and I'll be there to photograph all that lovin'. Here is an example of a Mommy & Me session.

Bluebonnet time slots: 4:30 PM / 4:50 PM / 5:10 PM- TAKEN / 5:30 PM / 5:50 PM / 6:10 PM / 6:30 PM

Mommy & Me time slots: 4:30 PM- TAKEN / 4:55 PM / 5:15 PM / 5:35 PM / 5:55 PM / 6:15 PM / 6:35 PM

Locations will be finalized and sent out as the dates draw a little closer.

If interested in booking, send me an email at bluebonnet mini sessions - Toni Marie Photography

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